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About A'Famosa Theme Park

A’Famosa Safari Wonderland & Water World (A’Famosa Theme Park) is a popular destination for schools and various groups and organisations. Its common that before a visit takes place, organizers are required to carry out a site risk assessment for the aims of health& safety criteria.


To ease the process, this documents contain helpful information along with the safety measures for managing potential risks that may be present on site.


The information stated in this document act as an overview of our key health & safety arrangements and is by no means an exhaustive list. We are always ready and open to answer any further enquiries you may have regarding your visit and always willing to accommodate or implement where possible, or any additional safety measures you require.


Please contact our reservation team via 06-552 0888 prior to your visit. During your visit, please speak to our on-site crew and they will be able to reach the Duty Manager that will be able to assist you on your matters.


Legal Requirements

Public Liability Insurance
A’ Famosa Water world holds public liability insurance and policy held by MSIG.

Operational Safety
At A’Famosa Theme Park, we have a dedicated Health & Safety management team that holds weekly meetings with department managers. The safety of our visitors, staff and animals are our top priority and we have developed a comprehensive health &safety management system which is communicated to all of our employees. All staff across the park have received thorough in-house training and where possible, external training delivered by accredited training providers. All activities, work processes, rides and animals have been risk assessed to control any hazards that might be present.

Rides & Attractions
We are members of MATFA (Malaysian Association of Themepark & Family Attractions). All of our play areas are checked daily by our Operations team.

Zoo& Farm

We are members of SEAZA (South East Asian Zoos Association) and MAZPA (Malaysian Association of Zoological Parks and Aquaria). Under the Wildlife Conservation Act (2010). Laws of Malaysia Act 716, like others Zoos in Malaysia, we are subjected to routines inspections to demonstrate we adhere to guidelines regarding animal husbandry and safely manage the interaction between our animals and visitors.

Food& Beverage
Each of our restaurant outlets complies with the necessary of food safety legislation and are inspected by our local Environmental Health Department.

Paramedic (First Aid)

We always have our in-house Paramedic on duty and have a first aid treatment room. If you require any first aid during your visit, contact any member of staff who will the call for a first rider. Our nearest hospital is Hospital Alor Gajah.

Emergency Provisions
As part of our health & safety management system we work with the local emergency services to develop detailed emergency plans covering a range of scenarios which are each rehearsed at least twice a year.

Park Arrangements

Parking Facilities
There are ample car parking spaces available. The carpark starts operation from 9:15am with RM 3.50 per entry. Buses are directed to a designated bus parking area after drop off visitors. We have an overflow car park across the road where traffic will be diverted during busy periods. Please follow all directions given by our car parking staff.

Disabled Requirements
We are disabled friendly on most of the area inside the park.

Lost Children
Children shall always have attached to parents. After all, if in case we found lost children without parents or guardian accompany, lost children will be taken to the Ticketing counter (by admission). If you have lost a child, please inform any member of staff on site, who will be able to contact the Operation Manager who will in turn initiate a full park search, including locking down the exit points from the park.

We currently do have conventional lockers inside our theme park with RFID encrypted system and is under CCTV supervisions inside Water World. However, please note that any items stored here are done so at your own risk.

Eating Areas
We have a range of restaurants and kiosks serving a variety of hot and cold meal options. No outside foods are allowed inside the theme park.

Height, Age and other factor’s restrictions
A select number of our rides and attractions are subjected to height or age restrictions. Information about any restrictions is clearly marked by each attraction or ride. Some activities may not be suitable for all age groups or persons suffering from certain medical conditions. Please follow the instructions from our staffs at all times.

Risk Assessment

Slips, Trips & Falls
We have reduced as far as reasonably practicable the number of stairs and steps throughout the park. On the few areas where these exist, we have ensured there is sufficient lighting in place or highlighted edges, handrails installed and ramp for wheelchair and pushchairs. Any spillages are cleaned and highlighted with wet floor signage as soon as staff are made aware of them. Any wooden ramps have anti slip composite strips fitted to them and have coated our wooden decking area with antislip wood stain but care must still be taken in wet conditions. Guests are advised to wear appropriate attire and footwear and take care when entering or exiting buildings and rides.

Using our Rides
Some rides may not be suitable for guests with certain disabilities or medical conditions. Information is displayed at each ride and all safety instruction given by the staff must be adhered to. All rides are subjected to daily, weekly and monthly checks carried out by our engineer. All of our staff running and maintaining our rides are thoroughly trained and regularly assessed performing their duties by our Operations Management team.

Animal Enclosures
All enclosures display safety information for the benefits of guests. Please abide by these signs and instructions given to you by our staff. Where necessary, double fencing has been erected. All fending is chain linked to allow children to see through the barrier. Please don’t sit children on the top of the fences. Where required, electric fences are installed with signage in place.

Play Areas
Our play areas or kids pool are unsupervised; however, staff will monitor areas periodically throughout the day. Parents and guardians remain responsible to their children.

Staff Interaction
All of our staff wear name badges and uniforms and are receive a full safety induction and training to carry out their role. Staff that are likely to come into contact with children undergo security and safety checks where required.

Exposure to Chemicals& Dangerous Substances
The use of high risk chemicals take place outside of normal operation hours. However, cleaning chemicals may be in use throughout the day. All chemicals have been appropriately assessed in accordance to DOSH (Department of Occupational Safety and Health). Chemicals will not be left unattended by the member of staff using them.

Restricted Areas
Areas of the park which are off limits to the public, display the necessary signage. Access is prevented with the use of barriers, gates and padlocks.

Lakes & Ponds
We have several lakes and ponds situated around the park. The water can be deep in places and there is as risk of drowning. These risk have been controlled by adequate fencing around the water bodies and buoyancy aids are located in accessible places. Appropriate signage is in place.

Approximately 50% of the park is undercover, however some areas, specifically the Safari are largely exposed to the weather. We strongly recommend all visitors plan their trip around the weather forecast and visit the outside areas of the park prior to any rainfall. Guests are advised to prepare or pack raincoats and umbrella during rainy season.

Larger vehicles are prohibited unless absolutely necessary and under escort during operation hours. Where needed to do so, our drivers or operators will always give way to pedestrians and adhere to our strict 5mph or very slow walking pace park speed limit.

If the fire alarm goes off in one of our buildings, we will immediately check to make sure it is not a false alarm or malfunction. During this quick investigation, we will silence the alarm. All of our staff have been trained to remain vigilant in these circumstances. Please follow all instructions given by the staff. Our operation manager will help any vulnerable persons to evacuate. We have numerous of fire extinguishers situated around the site and staff area trained in their safe and correct use.

A’FAMOSA Safari Wonderland and Water World is located at Alor Gajah, Melaka.

A’FAMOSA Safari Wonderland and Water World is located at Alor Gajah, Melaka.

Our address: Jalan Kemus, Simpang Ampat, 78000, Alor Gajah, Melaka

The park is easily accessible by car, bus and train (alight at Pulau Sebang/ Tampin station).
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