A World Where the Wild and Tame Collide

Operating Days : Friday Saturday Sunday Operating Hours : 10am - 6pm

Walk into the land of an chanting animals ‘see the ferocious fangs of a tiger and touch docile rabbits, all in one place. Ride on horses, camels and elephants. ‘Walk Through’ among pretty flamingos, amusing raccoons and the dino ancestors, the emu and the ostriches. Feel the thrills of an animal safari; ride on our secure truck – make the giraffes peer and tigers glare in the ‘Safari Adventure Ride’. Cruise the river to ‘Monkey Island’ on a raft, to see witty little capuchins, brown lemurs, monkey squirrels & white-handed gibbons. Even touch and feed monkeys.

Elephant Encounters

10.45am & 4.30pm

You will be amazed to see how nimble and intelligent the elephants are showing you how they survive together with man.

11.45am & 3.00pm

Come on and be entertained with the multi-animal show by our talented and multi-species cast, which includes sun bear, buffalo, pig tailed macaque, otter, cats and dogs.


Multi Animal Fun Time


Color of The Bird

12.45noon & 3.45pm

Ready to be amazed to see our well-trained parrots and cockatoos performing and the hornbill catches his food in mid-air, as well as the white-billed sea eagle in full flight.

Wild Wild West Show


Let’s back to the future in our unique and entertaining show in old Western Town. The cowboys, outlaws, horse-ridding, Red Indians, a pretty Red Indian princess and the town clown act out a story with bone-crunching brawls, realistic gunfire, impressive pyrotechnics and superb stunts.

Safari Adventure

Explore the magic of wildlife habitats and environment in our safari trucks. Watch in amazement as you encounter majestic tigers, lions, giraffes, camels, zebras, elephants and other creatures roaming freely in the safari.

safari adventure

Monkey Island

Not to be missed is the trip to monkey island, a tree-covered islet located in the middle of a lake. A motorized barge takes visitors to the island, which is home to inquisitive brown lemurs , squirrel monkeys and capuchins , tiny red-handed tamarinds mischievous white-handed gibbons, macaques and squirrels. Visitor can have a closer look at the animals during the feeding 


Walk Thru Area

The Walk-Thru Area is beautifully landscaped and makes for a pleasant walk pass spacious enclosures with varies of animals including, greater flamingos, swans, raccoons, camel, peacock and others. Experience the animals  up close, feed and pet the rabbits, sheep, ponies and other friendly animals as you stroll leisurely at here.


Farm House

Visit the Farm House, you will realize that variety of eggs, chickens and rabbits that you not seen before. We have 10 different type of chicken, including phoenix which has long tail, turkens - a productive poultry, silky chicken, domestic chicken, poland, giant cochin and others. In additional, you and your children will have a chance and have hands on experience with the chicks.

Our Orang Utans are comfortably stay in "home" with a mini waterfall, a pond with exercising facilities and they can roam as it they are in the jungle

Reptile House

Our Reptile House is home to a host of reptiles and amphibians of all shapes, sizes and colours –  which are a firm family favourite. 

Orang Utans of Borneo

There is more to explore & experience ...

afamosa capybara



afamosa mouse deer


crocodile alive


macaw land




rooster exhibition


flamingo land


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Bamboo Steak House

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