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Be part of a movement and tag your FB, IG, and YouTube posts with


Traveling around A'Famosa Resort is a colorful, diverse and unmistakably unique  experience as there are  something for everyone ! Capturing and sharing these inspiring A'Famosa Moments and your story to FB, IG & Youtube posts and win yourself some prizes !


Simply find a hot spot in A’Famosa Resort such as Theme Park, Old West, Villas, Golf Course, Freeport A'Famosa Outlets & surrounding and capture the wonderful moments as you may feel of  !


Share your experience to your Facebook, Instagram or Youtube post with the tag of [Let’s join #AfamosaMoments] , and stand a chance to win the prizes up to RM20,000

No special requirement on your photography device or equipment , all you need is just capture the best moment at A'Famosa Resort with your own creativity

Contest Date:  Start : 1/7/19      End : 31/12/19


4 Easy Step to join A’Famosa Moments  Contest


1. Like & Share

A’Famosa Resort Official account : Facebook/, Instagram/afamosaresort  & A'Famosa Moments Contest Posts

2. Take A Wonderful Moment Photo
Use your very own photography skill to capture a wonderful moment while having fun in A'Famosa Resort


3. #Hastag, Share & Check-In
Share your moment photo to your Facebook page or Instagram Account , tag [Let’s Join #AfamosaMoments] and check-In A’Famosa Resort
(Note: Share Post In Public Mode)


4. Send & Upload
Send us the photos for   uploading to A'Famosa Resort official FB- #AFAMOSAMOMENTS  album  via

Grand Prize

Cash RM388

A'Famosa Resort Annual Pass

Pool Villa 4-Room 3 Days 2 nights stay 

2nd Prize

Cash RM288

A'Famosa Resort Annual Pass

Condotel 2-room 3 Days 2 nights stay 

3rd Prize

Cash RM188

A'Famosa Resort Annual Pass

Resort Hotel 3 Days 2 nights stay 

Special Prize x 3

Cash RM88

A'Famosa Resort Annual Pass 

Family Studio 2 Days 1 Nights 

Consolation x 20


A'Famosa Resort Annual Pass

General Terms & Conditions

  1. A’Famosa Moment Contest is organised by A’Famosa Resort Hotel Sdn Bhd

  2. Participation in the A’Famosa Moments Contest is only open to all who has visited A’Famosa Resort & Theme Parks in the contest period.

  3. Participants must agree to the A’Famosa Moments Contest Terms & Conditions upon submitting their photos in the contest (details are listed at the end of this document).

  4. Participants are to check the details of their photos before uploading as photos cannot be altered once uploaded. If a participant is selected for the top 50, they will be required to provide proof of photo shooting such as “Post with Check-In A’Famosa Resort” and some personal information in preparation for the final round.

  5. There will be no registration fees for the contestants.

  6. Contest Schedule:
    Top 20 Result announcement : 15.1.2020
    Top Result announcement : 15.2.2020

  7. During top 50 Voting Stage in A’Famosa Resort FB page Moment Top 50 Album, there will be randomly arrangement of the photo in the Moment Top 50 Album and presented to users to vote on their preference.

  8. The Contest entrant will allow A’Famosa to use, modify and produce derivative marketing materials which shall include but not be limited to A’Famosa communication materials, social media photos, digital advertisements, televised media or its website. The Contest entrant allows A’Famosa to gain all rights with respect to photos submitted by Contest entrant without any financial remuneration on a global scale. This shall include not but not be limited to the right to use the photos in partnership with a third-party with A’Famosa, the terms of which have yet to be determined. The Contest entrant shall not authorise a third party to use the entrant’s submitted photo in this competition without A’Famosa agreement in writing.

  9. In the event that any third party submits any claims, proceedings or legal action against A’Famosa based on photos derived from the A’Famosa Moment Contest, the Contest entrant will be liable to A’Famosa for any damages, lost profits, loss of business revenue or economic loss of any kind.

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