Gear Up and Revive!

Get ready for extreme sports, or simply revel in our refreshing range of leisurely activities amidst our stunning backdrop you will find whatever you need, whether you’re on a family vacation or business retreat. If you just want to take a break without dramatically straining your muscles, you can participate in our less intense activities such as horse-carriage, horse riding and kite flying. If you prefer aquatic surroundings, get on a paddle boat or go fishing. Get intense with our go-kart riding, or wage a war with our irresistible paint ball game!

Come and reignite the esprit de corps among your employees when you join our team building activities. Participate in the Forbidden Circle, climb on ropes, build rafts and ride on the Crimson River, as you work and laugh together. You will undoubtedly create unbreakable bonds and unforgettable memories, here at A’Famosa.

It time for you to increasing your strength, focus, flexibility, and
attention skills with this most popular activities
Explore the picturesque countryside on horse-back. May giving you & your kids learnt some new artistic as well as gained some new hobbies during holiday.
Imagine putting on the face mask, fill-in pellets of CO2 operated gun, marching to the battlefield to hunt for your target… Experience the adrenaline charged outdoor team-sports! Throw your fear to build the strength in yourself,

Not Fear & it funs for you to jump on one of these power-packed bikes, and you will have a great time adventure with it!


Bicycles are available to be hired at our resort. Being blessed with good breezes and scenic landscapes.

Paddle Boat

Use a bit of your energy to enjoy the ride at the beauty lake.

Pony Ride

Lets your children to experience a cute Pony Ride

Horse Carriage

Just Sit back, relax and enjoy our traditional horse drawn carriage rides in resort.


Show up your Slum dunk skill at our basket ball field. Be fun under the sun

Target Shooting

Be focus to hit your target!! Whatever the results at the target, every shoot is able to draw satisfaction to a lesser or greater extent, from having won a personal mental battle.


Resort had provides jogging and walking trails in a natural setting in order to create healthy environment.


Enjoy fishing in peace and green nature

Operation Hour
11am – 7pm for Monday – Sunday  ( Closed every Tuesday except School & Public Holiday )