1. Game duration is 1 hour (Including the introduction and solution walkthrough).
  2. Arrive 15 minutes before your booked time slot. Every escape room is uniquely  different on its own, so we would like to explain to you prior to the game. ON  TIME as we cannot hold a game, let’s be fair to the other players.
  3. A player must be aged 15 years and above
  4. Be calm, be observant, and be logical. Panic doesn’t get you anywhere;  neither is destroying the room or props. Remember that the games are made  so that it doesn’t involve too much physical action.
  5. Player’s belongings must be kept for safe keeping. This includes, but not  limited to: mobile phones, bags, keys, calculators, torch light, stationery and  night vision goggles.
  6. Players are not to damage or vandalism items within the premises. This  includes, but not limited to: Locks, furniture, game items, accessories, do not  dismantle the electrical things such as air-conditional, speaker,  . Players are l liable to bear the cost of intentional damage.
  7. We appreciate your cooperation by not disclosing spoilers on the website, blog  or anywhere else, so that every player could enjoy the thrill and suspense The Maze reserves the right to stop the game at any point in time if game  guidelines and regulation are breached.

Have FUN  and be A”MAZE”


  1. Players who are pregnant, elderly or have any underlying heart and breathing  problem are recommended not to join the game rooms.
  2. Players showing signs including but limited to excisions coughing, excessive  sneezing and fever are not allowed to enter the game rooms due to health  guidelines to prevent the spread of germs.
  3. Players are recommended not to wear any form of clothing, shoes or  accessories that will hinder movement and result in accidental injury. Items  include but not limited to: heels, spiked shoes, ultra baggy jeans, miniskirts  and other accessories.
  4. Player are forbidden to bring explosive, flammable or sharp items including but  not limited to: lighter, knives, penknives and toxic chemicals.
  5. Players are not to curse, swear or cause any harm to the staff of The Maze or  fellow players.
  6. The Maze reserves the right to prevent entry or stop the game at any point in  time if safety regulations are compromised.